Digital Performance

Catarina UPstream 1-1Our UPstream funded projects are beginng to bear fruit now, as we are within a few weeks of the preview performances for both Simon Farid’s “Don’t Hate The Rich – Become One Of Them” and Catharina Golebiowska’s “MarsOneExtended” performance.

The ambition of UPstream was to create a breeding ground not for just online work, but for performances that crossed the digital-analog divide to explore a wild west of new performance.

After a rehearsing and delivering a series of online “Internet Marketing” webinars by Michael Green / Howtocorp, he now features as part of the the Sprint Festival at Camden Theatre on Saturday 7 March where audiences will be able to see him perform live, while an online audience receive the livestream of “Don’t Hate The Rich, Be One Of Them”

The “MarsOneExtended” project is taking visual artist, Catharina Golebiowska into new territory, when she performs live from inside her DIY Mars Explorer capsule, communicating via live stream with her remote audience.
Michael Green HowtoCorpThe preview performance takes place at the innovative festival of games and play, Geek Festival 2015 in Margate. Over the weekend of Fri 20-Sat 21 Feburary, “MarsOneExtended” will go live from Crate Gallery in Margate, beaming into the Winter Gardens and live online worldwide.

Film and Theatre company, Pursued By A Bear are currently in the early stages of development of their eco-thriller tale “The Lamellar Project”. The production features a transatlantic cast, performing live together while the narrative is played out across the internet with a treasure hunt for video, blogs and story characters roaming free.




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