The Digital Wild West

Grant & Emma-profile1200Our UPstream commission programme is now complete, with three new digital performance works as the end result. Each project explored a different approach, asked different questions and required different technical approaches and solutions to deliver them.

After three years of live streaming a variety of staged performances, we felt that in order to fully exploit the potential of online delivery there was a need for innovation in the format of the performance.  Event-Cinema experiences from the Royal Opera House, National Theatre and others is now well established in cinema programmes, but these cinematic presentations of high budget theatrical performance develops presentation rather than content. The question that the UPstream programme  poses is “What kinds of performance work can we create which is native to both digital and offline spaces?” We sought to encourage work which levered the potential of real time interactivity, reach and engagement in digital spaces, whilst remaining valid to an immediate audience.

Pursued By A Bear, Catharina Golebiowska and Simon Farid worked with Producer, Stephen Harrison and Programme Manager, Martin Franklin to develop each of the works to initial performance stage. This already exceeded our expectations, as the original call only sought to help artists get to a preliminary “working prototype” stage. Two of our UPstream artists were successful in bringing in further funding support for their own projects, using our seed funding as initial investment.

Events took place at Geek Festival, Margate, Sprint Festival, Camden Peoples Theatre and at South Hill Park’s Studio Theatre as well as being broadcast live online.

Each UPstream project has its own feature movie.

ACE reportAs we have come to the end of our main Arts Council England funded period, we have produced another report on our activities over the last three years.

As well as outlining our activities, it contains some of the learning that we have gained through live streaming performance events across the South East of England. Download report (PDF 1.8.mb)



UPstream was made possible with funds and expertise from SHPLive and greenhouse.

Seeded by UPstream




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