Identity Squatting

IMG_0088When an invented online identity is abandoned, can it be reoccupied and reanimated ? If so, how authentic are it’s actions? Can online identities be trusted? What is the new relationship between them and our non-virtual lives?

Artist, Simon Farid is one of our UPstream funded artists who are developing new work with the support of SHPLive and greenhouse.

Digital and online performance is a growing field that already displays a wide range of different approaches, both in terms of content and approaches to audience engagement.

His “Don’t Hate The Rich – Become One Of Them” project with Michael Green is coming to life with his live Twitter performances, (sometimes hilariously ) commentating the current series of The Apprentice. Last week, Michael Green delivered his first live streamed webinar, “How To Construct A Marketable Identity Online!”

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Simon Farid was interviewed at the start of his project on the Create Hub blog

The wider project of ‘identity squatting’, of which this project comprises a part, is derived from the conventional notion of squatting; occupying a pre-constructed space that has been discarded or left unoccupied. Where this practice differs from conventional squatting is with the focus on identity, looking for pre-constructed unoccupied identities within which I can operate through infiltration or mimicry.

This is of course distinct from identity theft in that the occupied identity is discarded, rather than hijacked from its primary owner/user, and that I am not using the identity itself for access that would provide income; they are not used for fraud or stealing.

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