The Boundless Museum

Saturday 20 September, 1.00-3.00pm: Live stream from Jon Lockhart’s installation opening event in Reading Museum, “The Boundless Museum: Crippling the Blacksmith Part III – The Waverley Trivot Trust Collection

A live event from the opening of the new exhibition by artist, Jon Lockhart with live music by Paddox.

If you came across Jon Lockhart’s work without any prior knowledge, you might be baffled by the array of media, installation, film, sound, sculpture, collage, and by the use of countless and seemingly heterogeneous objects and materials. This landscape of things and ideas would appear to you in the manner of a landslide, a vast mountain of stuff, with things half-buried and poking out at all angles. On closer examination, however, this accretion begins to read as an invitation for the viewer to sift and intervene.

As we pick over the wreckage to uncover shreds of popular culture, shards of the everyday, snags of texts, things become tainted with familiar and often wondrous patterns. Participation, as opposed to spectatorship, is, after all, a dirty business, one that is best undertaken with rolled-up sleeves and a good sense of humour.” The Accidental Artist. Nicolas de Oliveira and Nicola Oxley

The final chapter in Jon Lockhart’s Arts Council England supported “Crippling The Blacksmith” project; the exhibition is a celebration of spontaneous, time-honoured craft and intricate disposable mass production.
Paddox liveOxford band, Paddox perform live inside the installation – expect electronic textures and pulsating ambient soundscapes.

Revel in Waverley Trivot’s glorious pop-up popshop of museum rock and consumerist roll.


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